The 吉布森 vs. Dean Trademark Dispute Is Finally Headed to Court

吉布森 Dean trademark dispute

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The trademark dispute between 吉布森 and Dean will soon be deliberated in a courtroom. Here’s the latest.

吉布森 Brands和Dean Guitars的母公司Armadillo Distribution Enterprises都要求作出简要判决。简易判决有利于基于法官的当事方’决定,而不是全面审判。犰狳两次提出简易判决,提出了两项​​动议以驳回吉布森’的情况。两项请求均被拒绝,因此进行了全面审判。


“The Court is not convinced that 吉布森 met its burden demonstrating that there is no material issue of fact as to these claims entitling it to judgment as a matter of law,” 阿莫斯·马赞特法官’s opinion. “因此,法院认为该动议应予驳回。”

This trademark dispute between 吉布森 and Dean Guitars has been ongoing since 2019.

吉布森 filed its complaint against 犰狳 and 协和投资合伙人 在2019年6月。该投诉称Dean和 露娜吉他 infringe on a number of trademarks owned by 吉布森 Guitars. That includes the 飞行V, 探险者, ES, and SG body shapes, and general trademarks for the ‘dove wing’ headstock.

吉布森’s complaint alleges that 犰狳 and Dean purposefully misled customers who wanted genuine 吉布森 products. 吉布森 says its brand and goodwill in customer’s eyes were tarnished due to the alleged counterfeit build quality. 犰狳 took issue with 吉布森’的假冒索赔,它试图在2020年6月撤销。

“After reviewing the current complaint, the Court finds that 吉布森 has stated plausible claims for purposes of defeating a [motion to] dismiss,”马赞特法官在该案中写道。

吉布森 is seeking triple damages for trademark infringement and up to $2 million per instance of counterfeiting. 吉布森 is also seeking from the court an order for all infringing materials to be delivered for destruction. 犰狳 首席执行官埃文·鲁宾森(Evan Rubinson)表示,它将寻求使有争议的商标无效。

“数十年来,许多其他公司都在使用这些通用形状。我们相信所谓的‘Flying V’ and ‘Explorer’形状是无法保护的,吉布森’的商标注册应无效。”Gibson诉Dean商标纠纷的审判日期定于2021年4月。Gibson表示欢迎有机会在法庭上证明自己的身份。


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