夫人Antebellum’s Trademark Lawsuit Against Black Blues Singer 夫人A Isn’t随时结束


In July, roughly one month after changing their name from 夫人Antebellum, Grammy-winning country trio ‘Lady A’ levied a firmly worded lawsuit against the 原版的 夫人A, a Seattle-based blues singer who’s used the title since 1987. Now, the band is fighting to keep the case in a Nashville court.

Announcing in a formal statement that they’d officially changed their name to remove slavery connotations, the former 夫人Antebellum also indicated that they were “deeply sorry for the hurt this has caused and for anyone who has felt unsafe, unseen or unvalued.” Shortly thereafter, however, it came to light that Anita White, a black blues singer, had performed and released music as 夫人A for more than three decades.

The two 夫人As met and discussed the matter – including a potential compromise – and it seemed for a time that they would resolve the issue outside the courtroom. Nevertheless, the negotiations ultimately fell through – when 夫人A demanded a $10 million payment for the name’s use, per 夫人Antebellum.  The band specified that they had acquired the 夫人A trademark a decade back, and things took a litigious turn. Breaking her silence, 夫人A (the longtime blues singer, that is) said she’d been “intimidated” and “bullied” by the band formerly known as 夫人Antebellum.

西雅图名媛安妮塔·怀特(Anita White)还详细介绍了她在纽约的经历(以及总体上的法庭对抗) 数字音乐新闻播客,然后在9月提起反诉。还有一个 新的联合状况报告 (DMN获得的)(作为正在进行的法律传奇的一部分)已阐明了该案的状态。

Beginning by outlining the suit’s discovery parameters (including scope, limitations, and the potential need for protective orders), the document then details a possible timetable for the process as well as the trial itself. 夫人A and her legal team are looking to have their lawsuit heard before a court in Seattle, whereas the former 夫人Antebellum 成员希望看到自己的衣服在田纳西州进行。

If the Seattle judge allows discovery to commence in Anita White’s suit – 夫人Antebellum’s complaint remains on hold because of the transfer request – 夫人A expects that the expert discovery portion will conclude by the end of next July. Maintaining that discovery (in the Washington suit) should wait until their 原版的 complaint proceeds, the country group relays that discovery could wrap up by August 30th, 2021.

Lastly, both parties state that the case “can be ready for trial” by November of 2021, but 夫人Antebellum and its counsel emphasize once more that they believe the Seattle suit should be shelved until the 原版的 complaint in Tennessee proceeds. While a date hasn’t yet been set for the latter trial, the Tennessee court “has suggested trial will occur no earlier than early 2022.”

这是 仔细看看 at the word ‘antebellum’ and why 夫人Antebellum wanted to distance themselves from it.


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    My vote is for the Seattle 夫人A.


    Hopefully a lawyer of some stature will help the ORIGINAL 夫人A


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    在论点开始时就说了–乐队应该完全改变他们的名字并推广新的名字。他们很容易带上他们的粉丝群以及更名。新名字将是一个伟大的“story”以获得新的关注,并可能吸引粉丝,它们在媒体和其他潜在粉丝中的表现会更好。原本的“Lady A” –谁应该在法庭上被授予名字– can also use the publicity to her benefit. The band could also, in a nice bit, cover a song or two of 夫人A and show some respect and give her a helping financial hand. Just change the name already –一切都会有所帮助,并将得到解决。乐队合法的欺凌没有’不能帮助任何人,只能用来保持乐队”现在和将来的歌迷都在思考乐队有多错误。显示一些常识。

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      夫人Appropriation should just pick a different name that wasn’如果他们确实感到需要更改名称,则该名称已被使用。

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    When I first heard of 夫人Antebellum years ago, I remember thinking “您为什么选择一个暗示我们回到奴隶制的名称?您想和谁联系?”所以说实话,我一直以为这只是一个愚蠢,没思想,特权的名字– I’m white, by the way.
    夫人A worked hard for her standing and deserves to keep everything she earned WITHOUT nonsense from these thought-limited (insert other words here) bullies. 夫人Antebellum needs to get a real new name and show depth. If they really are fans, they will find you.

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    听曲目:“I run to you”, from 夫人A. Listen how they run from prejudice. The group does not embrace racism, they run away from it. Just fix this dispute, in a rational way: God bless this band.