淑女 A, Formerly 怀旧女郎, Is Suing Black Blues Singer 淑女 A

淑女 A, formerly known as 怀旧女郎

淑女 A, formerly known as 怀旧女郎

怀旧女郎 changed their name to ‘Lady A’ last month because of concerns related to racial injustice in the pre-Civil War south. But that name was already taken by black blues and jazz singer Anita ‘Lady A’ White, who is now being sued by the country group over the trademark.

怀旧女郎’s sudden name change, which we first 报告ed last month, followed a surge of Black Lives Matter protests and a reexamination of names and brands tied to the oppression of African-Americans. Initially, 怀旧女郎 created their name as an homage to the pre-Civil War south, but decided to change the name given the period’s ties to slavery and black oppression (here’s a closer look at 为什么“战前”一词如此有争议)。

Just one problem: ‘Lady A,’ which was 怀旧女郎’s newly-chosen name, was already taken by a black blues and jazz singer, Anita ‘Lady A’ White. 那 created an immediate conflict, with White complaining that the platinum-winning country group had stolen her namesake and complicated her career. “This is my life,” the singer flatly stated.

Now, the newly-named 淑女 A is suing the original 淑女 A after the parties couldn’t work out an agreement. In a statement, the band formerly known as 怀旧女郎 报告ed that Anita White demanded a $10 million payment for the use of her name. Balking at the price tag, 怀旧女郎’s attorneys have now filed a lawsuit claiming that the band already owns the trademark to ‘Lady A’.

怀旧女郎 — or, the band currently known as ‘Lady A’ – says they’ve actually had a trademark for ‘Lady A’ since 2010.

该组织在其法律文件中声称,怀特从未适当地使用该名称申请商标。因此,她没有适当的主张。这场有争议的诉讼不会要求金钱赔偿。相反,它的目的是保护这个国家集团免受安妮塔·怀特(Anita White)的任何诉讼的伤害。怀特·安妮塔·怀特(Anita White)可能因拒绝了她的1000万美元要求而提起诉讼。

Earlier, 怀旧女郎 报告ed on ‘transparent, honest, and authentic’ discussions with 淑女 A after the name conflict.  “Transparent, honest, and authentic conversations were had,” the group tweeted, while referencing a happy Zoom screenshot. “We are excited to share that we are moving forward with positive solutions and common ground. The hurt is turning into hope. More to come.”

What wasn’t disclosed in that tweet is that White was pressing for a massive payout for the use of the name.  At some point, legal threats were undoubtedly thrown about. Hence, the legal hammer from the reformed 前肢s.

“我们很遗憾份额我们真诚的希望能与梅艳芳白联合起来,团结和共同的目的已经结束,”今天断然表示该组。 “我们希望Anita和她现在正在听的顾问会改变他们对方法的看法。与这场争端相比,我们可以做得更多。”



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    克拉伦斯·达罗(Clarence Darrow)

    那’保罗,这是一个错误的标题,作为律师,您应该更加了解。乐队没有’t “steal” the name, or even “appropriate”正如安妮塔·怀特(Anita White)所说。他们不知道这个名字是否被其他人使用。

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    还有你律师’不,显然。在使用该名称之前,该乐队已经进行了合理的尽职调查,该名称已经被使用并且以前在同一行业中使用。他们没有’做到这一点。您的主张是,在这种情况下,他们的无知应该清除他们,而这仅仅是’t how the law works.

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    怀旧女郎 should sue themselves for stupidity and cowardice. There was and is nothing racist whatsoever about the word 战前. Any group that cowers before the mob rule is unworthy of respect. Their art is bankrupt.

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      该名称与内战有关,这是一场主要由奴隶制问题引发的战争。因此,是的,如果您将奴隶制视为种族主义(即种族主义),那么这个词就具有内涵。您’re a denier –这个评论和许多以前的评论–可能只是引起注意或引起他人反应。伤心。

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    这是一个“story”. It isn’t a “report”概述了本主题的全部范围,但感谢您提供其他信息。

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    怀旧女郎 isn’乡村音乐那么大的外部。他们不’还有1000万英镑可投入。 A夫人问得太多了’只是一个名字。拿走钱,奔波,利用难以置信的免费宣传,这只会促进她的事业。我都喜欢A夫人’s,找到解决此问题的更好方法。

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    As a woman, I propose 怀旧女郎’s use of the word “Lady” as sexist.

    前肢: “在特定的战争,尤其是美国内战之前发生或存在的。”

    考虑到上下文并向内战前时代致敬,请使用“lady”比使用单词更令人反感“antebellum”. A 淑女 of the 战前 time period had far less rights and wasn’如今的男人和女人几乎一样对待。前肢描述一个时期,并且“Lady 前肢”描述她们在某个时期没有做过的女性’享有平等的权利。只是因为他们试图改变“Antebellum” to just “A”, that doesn’t删除A代表的缩写。

    直到“Lady A” drops the “Lady”,我将拒绝听他们的音乐。

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