What The Number Of Facebook 喜欢 Says About Musicians


Size matters. Numbers matter. Last week I told a manager friend about a new band he had to check out. The first thing he did was pull out his phone and went to their Facebook Page. Facebook 喜欢 are a quick, one glance indicator of status. It’不是全部,当然不会’t translate directly to downloads, streams or ticket sales, but it’s the first stat anyone will seek out.

Of course 喜欢 can be bought (or, ahem, advertised for). Everyone 知道 this. But it looks pretty dumb if you have 50,000 喜欢 and no one commenting on your Timeline.

Unfortunately musicians’ reach via the Page has plummeted (unless, of course, you’re willing to pay for it via a Boost). So, is it worth it to invest money to obtain 喜欢? It’s the quick way to get people to go one layer deeper with you and invest a bit more time checking out your 亲ject, but if you 不要’t have the actual fan base to back it up (or the music, video, stage chops) then, no, it’s not worth it. Get your act together, work your ground game, build a loyal base, and if you need to jump a tier of notoriety or recognition, then 也许 run a couple 亲motions to attract some new, true fans.

What does the number of 喜欢 say about bands? Read on…


Not worth paying attention to. They 不要’t care enough to even get their friends to Like their Page (or 亲bably come to their concerts). Their only goal is to be “discovered.” By whom? They 不要’t know. They think “the music” is enough. Sadly, 他们 are lost in the last century. Unless someone comes along to shake them up and makes them pay attention to their business, 他们 will not be going anywhere anytime soon.


They’re a local band who care enough to put some effort into their career. They’ve played around town a lot and 亲bably have a couple EPs or albums out. Enough for someone to head on over to Twitter or YouTube to check some more stats and content.


They’ve toured. Either very successfully regionally or 不要e a few national tours. They have multiple albums out, 亲bably a music video or two and are moving forward. A listen is in order.




These numbers compete. Either 他们 have been beating the road touring for YEARS or are starting to kill it somewhere on the interwebs. Most 喜欢ly YouTube. They’ve 亲bably opened for some bigger artists on a few tours and have definitely put out some pretty high quality music videos. They have albums out and can pack shows regionally. They are their fans’ favorite “I have to show you this band,” band. 口口相传 最大限度地. They’re 增长ing and are getting little victories here and there 喜欢 TV placements, opening tours or a viral YouTube video.

Who reps them? Nobody? Damn, these cats are onto something. I need to get as much information about them as I can. I’ll spend some time on their 亲file, head over to their website, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, everything.


This band can headline national tours and bring a few hundred to every city 他们 visit. They’ve been at the music game for awhile or have had some decent YouTube success. Maybe even a hit a few years back on Triple A, Country or College radio. They tour frequently as an opener and a headliner. They have multiple albums, EPs, live albums and singles out. And their music videos are high 亲duction.

They’re most 喜欢ly repped by an indie label or great management. Definitely have a booking agent behind them. No representation means 他们 have figured out how to make it work and should not give up any more of their career than 他们 have to. People are a-knockin. They can keep the chain on the door for a bit longer.


They’ve had a big hit. Either radio or YouTube, but their numbers are strong. They have YouTube 意见 in the millions. They are touring internationally. They can pack theaters wherever 他们 go. They are on the brink of mainstream. Their fans are hard core. They can sell VIP exclusives at their shows and can get very creative on montization efforts.

They 亲bably have a major label behind them. Or an established indie. If 他们 are still DIY, then by god, STAY THAT WAY. You’ve beat the system and the 行业 is scratching its head.


Multiple hits. Die hard fans. Life is good. Touring internationally and 他们 have it figured out. Their manager is kicking ass and has “the team” under control. Consistent music, videos and live show. They haven’t quite broken mainstream, but are known in the 音乐产业。 Respected.

1,000,000 – 5,000,000

The superstars of the 行业. Label support. They’ve either had their day or on the up and up fast. They’re on the brink of mainstream or were hot last decade. They are very wealthy and, if still on tour, play 竞技场as or large theaters.



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阿里·赫尔斯坦德 是洛杉矶的歌手/词曲作者,还是音乐业务咨询博客的创建者 阿里的拿。 他有8,500+ 喜欢。在Twitter上关注他: @aristake

出席 仲夏夜音乐会: 7月24日,在好莱坞的饭店咖啡厅中,由Ari Herstand饰演。 获得门票。



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    我不’t understand how 他们 heck one get so many 喜欢. 我不’t think having less than 1,000 喜欢 means you 不要’t care enough to get out there. I was in a band from 2009-2012 and I 亲moted the CRAP out of the facebook page and our shows and we topped out at 455 喜欢 before we disbanded. Wonder what I did wrong….

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      我不’t disagree 那 FB 喜欢 are arbitrary and really… shouldn’到底是音乐吗?
      不幸的是’t。无论如何,从我的角度来看,这篇文章的重点是“industry”查看艺术家的数量“likes” and “views”作为他们的粉丝群的代表。
      These would be the telling signs to the 行业 那 也许 your band wasn’t worth taking a risk on even if 他们 totally dug what you were doing musically.

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    为什么碧昂丝???她不是’t even in the top 10 Facebook 喜欢 –从迈克尔·杰克逊开始– who eventhough ‘Dead” is however in the top 10! So yeah lets stay real and stop jumping on the Beyonce Wagon as the Media 喜欢我们 to believe 那 she is the only thing 那 matters now.

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    唐’t ever buy 喜欢 (or advertise poorly). Anyone 那 actually cares about 喜欢, i.e. talent buyers, managers, press, etc, can tell in one click if your 喜欢 are bought or worthless. 如果你r most popular city is in south east asia, your 喜欢 are worthless. 如果你 have 20K 喜欢 and 2 people are talking about you, your 喜欢 are worthless. etc etc

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      100%同意。但是,那里’之间的区别“buying 喜欢” from third party sites and 亲moting your Page on Facebook to target the very specific demographics who would actually 喜欢 the band’的音乐。一些我最有效的Facebook广告’我们看到的是,当艺术家为其页面制作广告并说“像Sara Bareilles或Ingrid 麦可son?我打赌你’我也会喜欢我的音乐。” Why wouldn’t Sara or Ingrid fans click to at least check out a song? And then if 他们 喜欢 the music actually click Like and possibly dig deeper. This is how you can effectively “pay for 喜欢.”但是这些人将是一群真正参与的粉丝–不是来自埃及的机器人。

      但是,即使那样 (据报道), 可能不值得。

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        是的,那’我的意思是宣传效果不佳;我没’t really clear. Facebook has the default set to 喜欢 Singapore and somewhere else, where “like” farming businesses are (that 亲bably give a kickback to Facebook).

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    I’m with Noah on this one. You can bust you a** and not get 那 many 喜欢 on Facebook. Ever since MySpace people have used social media as some kind of magic metric 那 matters. It’仅凭这些指标来判断独立艺术家是不公平的。

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    To say 那 artists with less than 1000 喜欢 “don’t care enough” and “aren’t worth listening to”是胡说八道。每个人都从某个地方开始。那段话只是自私自利,粗心大意的粗俗话语的集合“音乐营销专家”.

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      阿门·吉米(Amen Jimmy)。我为一个工作的音乐家谋生,但是我’ve just started trying to get my fb pay going 喜欢 6 months ago. Does 那 make me irrelevant? Nonsense. Musicians email m all the time asking how to better their game. Ari is just being harsh and judgemental here.

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        嗨,不幸的是,这是业界的看法。一世’很抱歉成为坏消息的承担者,但是如果您’re looking for 行业 recognition, on any level (management, booking, label, sponsorship, 亲moters, talent buyers, music supervisors), this is what 他们’ll think.

        我不’t mean to attack artists with less than 1,000 喜欢, just give them a wake up call 那, unfortunately, at this moment in 2014 it’该行业的运作方式。明年可能会改变。

        丽贝卡(Rebecca),我知道您作为受聘表演者而过着不错的生活(我认为这超出了一般情况“music 行业.” I do my fair share of college gigs which are very similar and definitely creates its own venn diagram with the 音乐产业。 Not belittling the avenue as it’是谋生的好方法), 原版的 音乐事业(以及原始音乐的忠实拥护者)要求音乐家稍微玩游戏。

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    I care way more about engagement ratios to give me a picture of trajectory than I do about a hard 喜欢 count.

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      丽贝卡·德拉托雷(Rebecca DeLaTorre)

      I agree Andrew. I would think 那 in this case Ari is just going for negative engagement, as well as just 亲viding the hard-core perspective of the 行业 “experts” –假设您事业的成功取决于(在我的情况下,’t). Whatevs

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        I’m not so sure about 那. I think Ari is basically saying 那 if a band has less than 1,000 喜欢, 他们’re 亲bably not trying hard enough. Or, 他们 不要’t care about having an audience (maybe 他们 just JA m on the weeekends and play BBQs, who 知道).

        当然,如果乐队是昨天开始的,那我们就有例外了。但这不是’对音乐本身的批评’s about how much effort is being put into 亲moting 那 music and making it succeed.

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    口口相传 最大限度地.”

    是吗“讲像80年代山谷女孩日”? OMG! Like, gag me with a spoon! You are, 喜欢, totally grody!

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    What are these judgments based on? Who thinks 喜欢 this? Was a survey 不要e? Or is this just how the author evaluates 喜欢?

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    如果你 are a rock, rap, EDM…美国乐队:是的,我完全同意。
    如果你 are a french based afrojazz band, well, numbers still maters but I really doubt these figures means something.

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    这是荒唐的…and is why there’s so much new “crap” out there today…因此,可以说标签或媒体渠道就是这种思维方式(很多都这样做)–然后他们决定根据该唱片给予该艺术家或乐队PR或唱片唱片,然后也许他们去了一场拥挤的演出….then blammo…they’再下一件大事–但音乐充其量仍是中等水平…喜欢或关注者与音乐的质量没有联系…real artists 竞技场’不必担心这些东西,这就是为什么我们最近很少受到关注的原因。’是SAD成为音乐迷的时间,而我’自60年以来一直是一个’并聆听新出现的一切,希望听到很棒的声音…but 我不’t because real artists are above this 废话 and busy working on their craft regardless of who’看或听

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          你显然不’看起来很难或实际上根本没有。或者您对音乐的品味很狭窄。如果您想抱怨前40名,那么您肯定会’d have some of my support. And yes, there IS plenty of 废话 out there. But there is PLENTY of great music out there, too, you’太懒了,看不到或看错了地方。

          The 亲blem isn’t the music, the 亲blem is the completely decentralized access points, i.e. the internet.

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    Facebook不是为音乐家而设计的’s built for ad revenue. I have about 900 喜欢 – a combination of organic and ad based (not fake bot 喜欢). Yet, I still get the same 10 people engaging. The average post is only seen by 10-60 people. Unless of course, I “boost” the post for $$$.

    It’s a vicious cycle where if users 不要’t see the post, 他们 won’t engage – but Facebook won’t show them the post, because 他们 haven’t engaged.

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      (Anon Oral Artiste)

      Im a 亲 artist who decided not to play the social media game. 那’s what it is… A game. 我不’t work for facebook, instagram, or twitter. They 不要t pay me to 亲mote their websites, and 他们 不要t stop me from going out and connecting with my supporters. I didnt sign up tp try to 亲ve how good i am at marketing. Im an artist and i make my impact and meaningful connections 那 change lives. 我不t waste my time chasing digital 喜欢 and superficial approval ratings. All the “stars”还是买了一半的假追随者。查一下
      不在此处张贴我的名字也可能导致即时通讯不在此处寻找追随者。 #真实

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    这取决于您玩的类型。Ari– about 9,000 喜欢 – Jason Mraz – 14 Million 喜欢, Anti-Flag – about 300,000 喜欢, Green Day – 33 Million 喜欢, the Hanumen about 1,500 喜欢 , Krishna Das – 150,000 喜欢
    迈克尔·弗兰蒂–约350,000赞,—谁像迈克尔·弗兰蒂?–无论如何,我知道实际上每个人都按下了我组的“赞”按钮“likes us” –我们的游戏风格不随意– oh I’ll 喜欢 那 because 他们 are my friend on facebook so I’我会喜欢他们的乐队。做自己喜欢的事,诚实地提升自己,并继续做下去–您的电子邮件列表和乐队网站是您拥有的最重要的工具(Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,…..明天可能会消失)–以音乐家为生的人与没有以音乐家为生的人之间的区别’t是谁做过的’不要放弃。我很确定马克莫尔没有’6年前,有近600万个赞。好文章阿里。谢谢!

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    Robin Thicke 4,909,392 Facebook 喜欢 – New album sales –英国533-美国25,000。这是什么意思?
    Are his 喜欢 fake? Judging him and the music aside – Aren’t the people who “like”他愿意和他一起走他的艺术道路– Isn’它是建立观众群的全部内容。也许不在这种社交环境中。无休止的废话。

  15. 头像

    和the time needed to “grow”您的粉丝群VS回报对娱乐人员和小型企业来说也是可怕的’s..


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      Except 那 亲fessionals in the 行业 那 are considering working with artists use this metric.

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        那里 are still those who put artistry first, and are willing to take a chance on an act on 那 basis, in the faith 那 buzz can be built up. Agree 那 this is increasingly rare, or at least it is increasingly rare to get an advance for 那 kind of 亲ject!

      • 头像
        罗宾斯(JJ Robins)

        I do think gatekeepers think stuff 喜欢, “Under 1K 喜欢? They can’不能赚我任何钱。下一个!”

        FB 喜欢 are a metric 但是我不’t know how accurate 他们 are. (No magic bullets, right?)

        It seems to me 喜欢 one FB 喜欢 = one person visiting the page one time. It doesn’t mean 他们’ll ever see your show, visit your page again or see anything you post. As hard as it is to even get a 喜欢 on your page, how valuable is it really?

        警告 – antecdote:
        我知道这是很短的时间,但是—-在当地有一个奥斯汀乐队’00s非常善于动员他们的朋友在比赛中喜欢和投票,但并不擅长制作音乐。他们赢了“最佳实验乐队” in the Austin Chronicle music poll and were then chosen by Transmission Entertainment to play 2nd on a nearly sold out show with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, arguably the most popular touring US experimental-rock band at the time. Unfortunately, 他们 also had to follow one of Austin’最有才华和最受欢迎的中锋艺术流行乐队(对面日,我强烈推荐他们)。

        Even worse, 他们 stunk and everyone knew it! It wasn’t just 那 their songs were boring, 他们 couldn’不能真正演奏自己的乐器,一点也不引人注目。看着很尴尬。挤满了他们的第三首歌后,房间看上去就像乐队之间通常的样子:四到五个人围成一圈站着说话。很少鼓掌。到最后几首歌为止,没有一首。真是令人毛骨悚然。 (真正奇怪的是没有人离开。乐队当时’t loud so 他们 just sort of became background music.)

        SIDE NOTE: 迈克尔·弗兰蒂deserves every one of those 喜欢 and more. He’已经有很长时间了。

      • 头像

        …那怎么说“professionals”在这个行业?看,如果“industry 亲fessional” is willing to pass on a band simply because 他们 不要’t have enough Facebook 喜欢 then 那 is 亲bably not someone you want involved in your career anyway. Conversely, if an “industry 亲fessional” is willing to get behind a band for the sole reason 他们 have a million Facebook 喜欢 then again, 亲bably not someone you want to have involved in your career. Like I said, non sequitur.

        • 头像

          In the pre-internet days, someone might take a chance on an act 那 had a small and almost non-existent following, and was playing to empty halls. Why? Because the label (or manager, or whomever) felt 那 他们 could facilitate the connection between 那 artist and potential fans.

          现在,艺术家可以采取更多的初始步骤。如果艺术家没有’t, there’s a huge 亲blem somewhere. 那 includes building an early following on minimal budget, and yes, 那 is reflected in Facebook 喜欢.

          是吗the only metric? No, it’s not.

          是吗an indicator, especially on the low end of 喜欢? Yes, it is.

  17. 头像

    If This is the way 亲fessionals judge artist then 他们 are lazy number cruncher s who could care less about the entertainment value of an act. What about the very talented pop artist with small followings in different cities with 300 true fans who will come out depending on the day. What about the pop vocalist living in an area dominated by hard core hip hop. We need to get back to the days where A&R实际上是在看人才,而不是坐在计算机后面处理数字。这就是为什么音乐在美国很烂,因为它’只是一个公司数字游戏。它’与娱乐价值无关’关于每周出售您的粉丝门票来观看同一场演出……..it loses it’s ENTERTAINMENT值。

  18. 头像

    拧Facebook,我’我仍在建立MySpace号码。一世 ’m几乎有100,000个粉丝!当我达到150,000时,我敢打赌有人会参加我的一场表演。

  19. 头像


    我最近在两种极端情况下都进行了讨论:以艺术为导向的独立唱片公司A&Rs who put artistic quality first (knowing full well 那 他们 are risking their companies’财务可行性)和愤世嫉俗的不安全感A&不信任自己判断的Rs(“I 不要’除非他们的社交媒体数量足够高,否则他们甚至都听不到曲目”).


  20. 头像

    What are the 亲motion alternatives to FaceBook?

    I ask this seriously, in 那 many are calling FB ads and post 促进s a poor investment. So where should one best put one’s 亲motion efforts and budget (if any)?

    (我害怕Payola的新时代,在那里流媒体服务“curators” are “given”宝马换来了比赛。这是未来吗?)

    (Perhaps 那 answer must also necessarily vary based on the music genre).

  21. 头像

    Any artist can, and does, buy FB 喜欢. What really matters on FB is the engagement (number of comments). This validates the 喜欢. An artist with tons of 喜欢 and little to no commenting is a fraud.

  22. 头像
    罗宾斯(JJ Robins)

    I can totally see 行业 folk thinking, “Only 900 喜欢? This won’不能赚我任何钱。下一个!”

    Ari always says there’s no magic bullet and I think FB 喜欢 are no exception. They may be a metric but I think most 行业 people know this.

    Afterall, 他们 亲bably have their own FB pages and know 那 one FB 喜欢 = one visit by one person who clicked “like”. It doesn’t mean 那 person will care enough to engage again and it certainly doesn’t mean you can reach them.


    小时间的例子— 那里 was an Austin band 那 was very good at mobilizing their friends to click 喜欢 and vote for them in contests. When 他们 won “最佳实验乐队” one year, a big 亲moter here asked them to play right before a nearly sold-out show with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.
    Unfortunately, 他们 had to follow the amazing opening act Opposite Day, one of Austin’s most talented and beloved experimental art-rock-pop bands.

    Worse, 他们 stunk and everyone knew it. 我不’t mean 他们 had a bad night, I mean 他们 were at a junior high talent show level of mastery of their craft. The room thinned. By the third song, it looked 喜欢 it normally would between bands: clusters of four or five people in circles chatting. 那里 was no clapping after songs. It was 喜欢 the show was over. It was eerie.

    They still had thousands of 喜欢 on their page though!

  23. 头像
    安·帕彭弗斯(Ann Papenfuss)

    They missed one special category. 94,000-95,000 fans: Has a loving wife who does an amazing job of 亲moting him.

    • 头像

      People 那 care about how many 喜欢 you have can also tell if 他们 are bought in one click.

    • 头像

      I’ve heard A&Rs say 那 even if the 喜欢 are bought, 那 still impresses them, because 他们 think it shows the artist’奉献和认可社交媒体的重要性!


      • 头像

        And those people were 亲bably fired….haha

        But really, depending on how good an artist seems, it might not matter. But it does for people who are looking at 那 to help themselves, i.e. traffic, 亲mo numbers, guaranteed sales, etc.

        • 头像

          However I would argue 那 the more 喜欢 a fb page has, the more willing people are going to be to 喜欢 it.

  24. 头像

    It’很难挣到超过1000。几乎每个人’ve ever met 喜欢 my page and it’s just over 600.

    The 亲blem for me (and I’我肯定很多其他人)是我’我不是一个现场音乐家。一世’一个作曲家。所以我不’t have the benefit of doing shows and touring and all 那 废话. The closest thing for me is going to film festivals where films I scored play, and meeting new people there. I think I just got 18 from a film festival last week…但我得再做20次以上,甚至达到1000次… Let alone 2000.

    • 头像

      如果你’re a composer your 喜欢 不要’t matter. 我不’t think any filmmaker or whatever will choose someone based on FB 喜欢. 那’有很多优点(或价格)。

      It’乐队更多。赢得了一些更大的新闻媒体’除非您达到他们的最低要求,否则您甚至都无法掩护。您可以成为世界上最伟大的乐队,每月为一名公关人员支付1万美元’s the daughter of the editor, and 他们 might still say, “ohh…sorry, not enough Facebook 喜欢..”

      • 头像

        不,你’完全正确。它没有’对于作曲家来说同样重要但是我确实把我的一些音乐作为专辑发行了,很高兴有人看到它们。它’s tough though.


  25. 头像

    Facebook喜欢的东西和Myspace朋友一样有价值,不用等待,少得多,少得多。作为乐队,您有一个叫做音乐的东西,’根本不在脸书上玩。 Facebook旨在破坏音乐作为一种娱乐媒体,并用诸如Farmville之类的液晶电视游戏取代音乐。 Facebook是聋哑人,扎克伯格本人称其用户为“dumb f-ers”. Any music “pro”谁给音乐家带来了沉重的负担’s facebook页面是一个他妈的小丑表演,想成为工具。我的建议,抵制Facebook,这样人们就可以’甚至无法搜寻您并直接吸引您浏览自己的网站,而您可以在该网站上放置自己的广告,而不会丰富世界上最大的广告袋之一。

    • 头像
      那里 is+something...

      现在我’m sure you have a good advice on how to make people find your website and discover you when 他们 are not already fan…那里有成千上万的音乐家在等待神奇的公式!

      不管喜欢与否,我确实会不时发现艺术家,因为朋友在FB上分享了歌曲或视频。那’当你不这样做的时候’不能将流量引导到您的网站。并非我同意“like” business, but social medias presence is useful for 亲moting artists.

    • 头像

      猜猜我’m a fuckin clown show wanna be tool, then. Like it or not, FB 喜欢 are still relevant for MANY aspects of the 行业. Since you 不要’似乎不知道这一点,我想你 ’是一个比我们其他人更大的他妈的小丑表演,想成为工具。了解如何推销自己和低劣的音乐,笨蛋。


      • 头像


        • 头像

          The fact 那 you think people put all their eggs in the Facebook basket and 不要’同时使用许多社交媒体网站,邮件列表等,意味着您比任何一个取笑的人都要环保得多。


  26. 头像

    那些抱怨或声称阿里没有的人’t know what he’谈论否认您自己的音乐事业。一世’担任演唱会发起人已有18年以上,当乐队通过电子邮件发给我冷酷的寻找演出时,我首先看到的是他们的FB喜欢。不到1000我’我不会花很多时间检查它们。一世’接下来,滚动时间线以查看他们发布的内容以及是否有人回复。如果他们的照片看起来合法,我’如果我必须离开FB,如果他们有音乐链接到他们的FB,我会听一首歌。我继续看下昨天收到的50封左右的电子邮件。您可能不喜欢它,但FB喜欢是快速的方法,可让忙碌的行业专家确定花多少时间投资未知艺术家。拥有20k点赞的乐队会花我足够的时间立即在youtube上查看他们的视频。那’不太说乐队<1000 喜欢 isn't非常有才华,也许甚至更多,以至于有20k的乐队喜欢,但是前者不是'达到与公众一样有效的效果。
    您知道我也放弃了哪些乐队去听,那些由我信任的朋友或同事带给我的乐队告诉我我必须听_________乐队。他们可能有6个FB喜欢,但如果我认识的某个人不愿意告诉我,我必须听听这个特定的乐队,'会检查出来。您的FB喜欢的人大约有1000人,我不知道'不知道说要退房。 2万我不穿'不知道支持您会给人留下深刻的印象。按比例'例如,如果您的办公室,班级,体育馆中有一个人,或者您与其他人在一起的时间告诉您一个很棒的新乐队或新电视节目,那么您就去检查一下。比较一下,是否有20个人告诉您关于同一支出色的乐队或演出。当更多的人告诉您他们喜欢它时,您更有可能将时间花费在收听该乐队或观看该节目上。
    在今天'世界的FB很重要。有里's generalizations are pretty accurate in the minds of 行业 亲s for making quick judgments based on one data point. Just so you know most 行业 亲s will listen to less than 30 seconds of your song too unless 他们 hear something 那 "wows" them. It's not because 他们 不要'欣赏好音乐吧's because 他们 不要't have time to listen to the 50 three minute songs 他们 were emailed today, 那 would take nearly 3 hours. And if you 不要'用第一首歌让他们赞叹,其余曲目赢得了't get a listen. You'最好发送单曲,告诉他们在哪里可以找到更多音乐,然后发送5条平庸的曲目。
    只是一些免费的建议,可以接受's worth.

    • 头像

      Interesting perspective, So if an artist has just been on NBC the voice and due to contract 他们 can only 亲mote through the NBC page and 不要’没有你想要的facebook’预定他们。或者,如果一位年长的艺术家没有’如果社交媒体只是在巡回演出中为一位主要艺术家做过揭幕战,’t book them. But the teenage garage band who just scraped their lunch money together and bought some fake facebook 喜欢, you would book them. I have a better 亲position for guys who 喜欢 to do business 喜欢 you do, just go on sonic bids and charge the kids $20 per submission and 不要’不要听任何人的话。

      • 头像

        哇,我想你’是失败的,痛苦的音乐家我最大的缩影’ve ever seen haha. Your music if 亲bably terrible and you think you’太神奇了。保证。


        • 头像


          • 头像

            如果你曾经’你这个白痴’d注意到我没有’对Facebook来说,一件正面的事情。我全部’一直在说的是业内人士使用它。那’s a fact. Facebook is a piece of shit for how 他们’ve pulled a bait and switch on reach for fan pages. We can debate the 亲s and cons of Facebook all we want. Fact of the matter is people look at your numbers and make decisions based on them.

            You 不要’t seem to understand this, which is 亲bably why you’再失败。好吧,那我’确保您的音乐真糟糕。

  27. 头像

    I bet the band with 2 喜欢 is better than band with 100K 喜欢.

  28. 头像

    It’s such a sad commentary on the music business when so much emphasis is placed on things 喜欢 building 喜欢 on a Facebook page versus actually being good at the art of making music, song writing, performance, and 也许 actually being able to sing instead of leaving it up to autotune or lip sync.

    保罗,阿里或其他任何人“industry 亲fessional”,
    Do you think there is anyone in the business (management, booking, label, sponsorship, 亲moters, talent buyers, music supervisors, etc) 那 would actually be thrilled to find a solo artist or band with great songs, 那 can actually write and perform, but HAS NOT PUT A SINGLE THING ONLINE simply because the whole business seems to be completely fu.cked at the moment?

    I’m just curious. I would really 喜欢 to know if anyone actually gives a damn about the songs and about whether or not the writer/performer has something worth while to offer as an artist.

    • 头像

      I suspect it really is ONLY about making a 亲fit. It’是一家公司。他们必须与实际销售的产品一起工作。

      如果它’s not about good lyrics or melody, 那’s the audience’s fault, not the guy marketing the 亲duct.


      And who is going to 不要ate their money to trying to educate today’s audiences? You could spend everything you have trying to do 那 and be broke, and 他们 STILL would 喜欢 “good enough”大量销售,简单的东西。

      — Glenn

  29. 头像

    It’s such a sad commentary on the music business when so much emphasis is placed on things 喜欢 building 喜欢 on a Facebook page versus actually being good at the art of making music, song writing, performance, and actually being able to sing instead of leaving it up to autotune or lip sync.

    保罗,阿里或其他任何人“industry 亲fessional”,
    Do you think there is anyone in the business (management, booking, label, sponsorship, 亲moters, talent buyers, music supervisors, etc) 那 would actually be thrilled to find a solo artist or band with great songs, 那 can actually write and perform, but HAS NOT PUT A SINGLE THING ONLINE simply because the whole business seems to be completely fu.cked at the moment?

    I’m just curious. I would really 喜欢 to know if anyone actually gives a damn about the songs and about whether or not the writer/performer has something worth while to offer as an artist or is all about facebook 喜欢, twitter followers, YouTube 意见, etc…


  30. 头像

    没有人会注意到社交媒体统计信息– 他们 are completely meaningless.

    Shall I tell you what matters? Record Sales (be it record sales units or YouTube 意见 / streams on Spotify etc. converted to money) and ticket sales –没什么关系

  31. 头像

    与其他要求人类过滤大量请求(想到电子邮件收件箱)的情况一样,我们的大脑将首先寻求找到一种方法,通过创建简单的内部过滤器来消除大量请求‘litmus test’.

    Facebook 喜欢 are an easy one to grasp onto. So brain says:
    1. 少于1,000 喜欢 = ignore/discard
    2. Greater than 1,000 喜欢 = put in the ‘maybe’堆放并使用下一个最简单的过滤器进行评估。

    i.e. having more than 1,000 喜欢 doesn’不能保证任何事情。但是拥有更少的“力量”可以保证您’将被忽略。有趣的是大脑如何运作。

    对于音乐人来说,风扇1-1000从感知的角度来看非常有价值,但是风扇1001的价值却要低得多(同样,从感知的角度来看)– I’我不会对实际价值提出任何要求)。

  32. 头像

    我完全到达了阿里’来自。以来“Likes” are a measure of effort and/or investment, 他们 are in some way an indication of how much someone has put into their career. The 亲blem at the bottom, though, is 那 with the drying up of small label support, few people have $15,000 to spend on a record, $15,000 on a PR firm, $2000 to tour, and $5,000 on 喜欢, Boosts, and other social media ads, just to get past 1000 喜欢. It costs a LOT of money to get to 1000 喜欢, and at 那 point, what’您的ROI(投资回报率)?一世’我不费力一世’我只是说,要获得10,000个赞,实际上要达到收支平衡(同时仍然必须保持日常工作)就需要大量资金。期。一个大概的猜测?大概至少$ 50,000-100,000。在花了那么多钱之后’仍然勉强可以从事狩猎活动,如果您甚至可以辞掉日常工作并住在一辆最低工资标准的面包车中,那还是很幸运的。那’一切都很好,但它’这个价格很少有人能负担得起,我想知道有多少个伟大的乐队在他们离开一两年之前就退出了’d之所以大受打击,仅仅是因为这些天来要求新秀艺术家提供一切资金,而获得投资回报的机会却比以往任何时候都要小。

  33. 头像

    How about # of plays and listeners instead. Why? Because most of those big numbers belong to a select few, mostly younger, who only prefer one style and/or genre of music 那 他们 hear via radio or TV. My audience is much older, and hate to say it, but 喜欢 buttons 不要’t mean much to them, nor are 他们 inclined to say much via one’s timeline. They are however loyal and will show up wherever you play. Personally, I think 那 if someone is judging you based upon Facebook or any other Social media 喜欢 numbers, 他们 竞技场’t true Fans to begin with. Seeing and hearing it live will in the end 亲ve to be the real Like Button!

  34. 头像



  35. 头像

    我在Facebook上只有850个粉丝,在Twitter上只有200个关注者,但是’s because my fan base is younger and 他们 use instagram. 那里 I have over 4,500 followers. I primarily use instagram as a way to communicate with my base. Check me out

  36. 头像


    In the old days of direct mail marketing, it was well known 那 it had a 1/4% conversion rate.
    If I send out 1000 invites and only 10 people show up, 那’真正缺乏参与。


  37. 头像

    好吧,让我结束这一点,说真正重要的一点是,它可以为您带来良好的投资回报,而收集Facebook喜欢的是’t其中之一。如果您必须诉诸于Facebook,则喜欢预订“big show”那么您要处理一堆小丑表演,真正意义上的演出的真正预订代理商要知道他们在预订谁,以及为什么在预订。再次,这只是在喂养存在的神话“discovered”BS所获得的所有Facebook赞都不会让您满意“discovered”。专注于您的努力并加倍努力以回本,这至少是您的金钱投资的重中之重,因为晋升的时间有限,Facebook喜欢的人绝对不是其中之一。总的来说,Facebook是一个可怕的,令人毛骨悚然的推广工具,原因有几个。您可以拥有一个喜欢bazzilion的Facebook,并且仍然很烂,没有任何一毛钱可显示。

    • 头像

      Unless you have 亲of or are known to bring tons of people to shows while having 150 FB 喜欢, how will the booker know he will get HIS ROI?

  38. 头像




    second you need to have relevant content.. 如果你 cant afford to have someone else do it, then you have to do it yourself (but if your going for 3k + 喜欢 you are most 喜欢ly going to get your best ROI (time Vs results) by outsourcing this work to a friend or 亲fessional..


    in the end, WOM (Word Of Mouth) is still king.. One fan who actually recruits others on your behalf will ALWAYS be worth more then 1000 喜欢..

  39. 头像

    喜欢 are self-congratulory masturbation &短期的海市rage楼,facebook本身只是通用霍瓦的最低分母。如果尘埃落定,就意味着完全是狗屎。

    • 头像

      喜欢 are self-congratulory masturbation &短期的海市rage楼,facebook本身只是通用霍瓦的最低分母。如果尘埃落定,就意味着完全是狗屎。

      现在不是’ you just peachy 😉

  40. 头像
    Shams Sharieff


  41. 头像

    if an artist has 1,000 fans, and only 130 are actively engaging with their content, would it be worthwhile financially for you to invest $20k in a 亲ject? Following+Engagement=Influence. Influence is gold!


  42. 头像


  43. 头像

    2014年,我的乐队进行巡回演出,以支持在英国举行的一次非常著名的英国表演。我们在大型场地玩了15个约会 – from 1500 to 4000 capacity. Good reception at each gig; we sold over 300 albums through the tour. Over the course of the tour we gained 103 Facebook 喜欢.

    I often check out bands on Facebook with over 1000 喜欢 to see 那 their posts have 0 or perhaps 2 comments or 喜欢, which suggests 他们 pay for 喜欢. It’看到数字对人们非常重要,这让人有点沮丧。

    I’d 喜欢 to carry on building up a genuine fanbase rather than paying for the privilege of looking 喜欢 I’ve got one.

    I’ve got 333 喜欢. Fuck it, it’s art people not a 人气 contest.

  44. 头像


    喜欢…特别是对于未知的车库乐队……don’t mean squat.

    仅仅因为某个充满失败者的乐队坐在地下室里,乞求他们所有的朋友都喜欢,并从一个小组到另一个小组发送垃圾邮件并乞求喜欢,这并不能说明一个乐队的素质。衡量乐队受欢迎程度并在Facebook上查看以查看乐队页面上有多少人互动的唯一方法。有多少人发表评论或参与讨论。他们是许多不知名的乐队,他们花费太多时间来散布垃圾邮件,以求获得喜欢….but when 他们 post a message on their page, 他们 get zero responses.

    简而言之…..bands who spend all their time spamming and trying to get 喜欢….probably 不要’练习和排练足够。

    Bands who beg for 喜欢 are gay.

  45. 头像

    Ari is 100% correct. An indie rock media website recently passed on my record due to lack of Facebook 喜欢.

    I have a new record coming out in July of 2015. I hired a solid publicist who is pitching various outlets. We are a new band and this is our debut album so we only have about 160 喜欢. These are actual “likes”,而不是来自东亚的点击工厂和/或垃圾邮件。

    无论如何,网站的回应是“我真的很喜欢这首单曲,但社交媒体的存在’t there”.


    令人沮丧的是,我 ’我已经在这个运动中投入了大量精力,并预定了巡演日期等。’观看好唱片会非常缓慢地死去(例如,我本该让自己陷入低端媒体的毫无意义的报道),这将是痛苦的。我的一部分想法是在发布日期之前结束广告系列,并努力获取“likes”.

    [long low sigh] 那 Hunter S Thompson quote about the music business is more prescient than ever.

  46. 头像

    那里’s this 亲blem of the point 那 your Facebook post won’t appear in other’s News Feed if you 不要’在Facebook上谈不上..
    那’s too much 废话 for me.. I need time to get my music 不要e right, not sit down everyday on Facebook doing stupid things..
    那里 is also the 亲blem of too many artiste going around spamming messages to people asking them to listen to their music.. is there no value in what an artiste musician is all about?
    Are there ways to look more 亲fessional than all these and yet get exposure?

    • 头像

      Calvin, Why not just post a link to a song on your website, and then 促进 the post?

  47. 头像
    (Anon Oral Artiste)

    Im a 亲 artist who decided not to play the social media game. 那’s what it is… A game. 我不’t work for facebook, instagram, or twitter. They 不要t pay me to 亲mote their websites, and 他们 不要t stop me from going out and connecting with my supporters. I didnt sign up tp try to 亲ve how good i am at marketing. Im an artist and i make my impact and meaningful connections 那 change lives. 我不t waste my time chasing digital 喜欢 and superficial approval ratings. All the “stars”还是买了一半的假追随者。查一下
    不在此处张贴我的名字也可能导致即时通讯不在此处寻找追随者。 #真实