The 13 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make on 声云


Almost every active, relevant musician is now using 声云.  And for those that aren’t… 为什么 aren’你呢?该平台是建立社区,获取有关您的足迹的反馈以及与喜欢您的风格的人进行互动的好方法。它’简单明了,基本上免费,并且可以’任何希望入围的音乐家都不会错过。

The following post comes Budi Voogt, an artist manager, label owner, and longtime user of all things 声云.  His just-published 书, The 声云 Bible, could become a reference for years to come.

作为艺术家经理和唱片公司老板,我’ve been using 声云 密集的多年。可能比我大多数同事都多’m a 您ng dude whose helped push his first artists out to the world using 声云 as a primary marketing tool.

在本文中,我’m going to outline the most common mistakes that I see musicians make on 声云.  And, 怎么样 to fix them.  We’ll talk 关于 the simple yet crucial things, that if done wrong, can make the difference between rocking the platform, 要么 sucking at it.

为了解决这个话题,我们’re going to tackle three different aspects of 声云 game.  Firstly, is the ‘设定‘ of 您r account.  Second is the ‘内容‘, 怎么样 您 regulate and present it, and lastly is 关于 您r ‘进行‘ towards 您r community and account.



您 want to make sure that everyone that visits 您r 声云 profile immediately gets a good impression of 您.  那里fore, it’确保正确设置所有帐户设置详细信息至关重要。


Mistake #1: 您r 声云 URL Isn’与其他平台一致

The extension that 您r profile has on 声云 should be identical to the ones 您 have on other social media platforms.  If 您’用重新运行,那么你想要一样‘/thebestbandever’ extension on 您r 声云 account.  您 can edit this in 您r account settings, under ‘Basic Profile’.




越来越多的社交媒体资料已成为年轻一代的首选。大多数人,尤其是15至25岁的人口,在进一步调查刚发现的艺术家时会立即查看社交媒体资料。一世’m sure 您’ve come across a band that 您 喜欢d on 脸书, went to their ‘about’部分,发现那里’在该处没有其他社交媒体资料的链接。烦人吧?非常简单,但是很多行为都忽略了这一关键点。

声云 has integrated the ability to add social media links to 您r profile, and even adds the correct thumbnail images to the links of the larger sites.  您 can edit 这些under 您r ‘Advanced Profile’ settings.  When setting 这些up, I recommend that 您 restrict the amount of networks 您 use.  The essential links are: website (, 脸书, 推特 and 您Tube.

Everything else is irrelevant, and the more options 您 present to people, the less 喜欢ly they are to click any of them.



声云 is a community platform that’专注于让您通过什么发现新的东西’s 趋势 and by involving findings and 内容 of people 您’ve already connected with.  As a result, a halfway decent 声云 stroller will often come across a new act.

Mistake #3: Basic 声云 Bio and 联系 Information Is Missing.


Ideally, 您 place 您r 内容 email address on top, 要么 that of 您r 书er/manager, followed with a short bio of who 您 are.  The bio should be 关于 50-250 words, and looks best when written in third person.  Include something 关于 who 您 are, 什么 您 do, any labels 您’re associated with, and integrate some achievements.  Some acts also 喜欢 to integrate their gig agenda, 要么 archive, 怎么样ever I feel that’毫无意义,因为没有人会寻找您的Soundcloud个人资料。


Integrate 这些steps, and get 您r profile looking right.


People go to 您r 声云 profile to listen to 您r music.  When they do, they’要么听第一首曲目’放在您的供稿顶部,或播放次数最多和评论最多的那个。

错误四:最好,最具代表性的工作是’t Readily Presented.

What 您 want to do, is to make sure that 这些people have a good shot at listening to some of 您r best material.  And, that they’可以轻松识别曲目,制作曲目的人,混音和录音的类型以及它们的任何子流派或影响’re specific to.

错误5:不要’t upload everything!

对于您的乐队和音乐新手来说,给他们留下深刻印象的只是一枪而已。您知道这是怎么回事:如果您发现新歌手,’我会给一个音轨,也许是两个音轨,如果不是’根据您的喜好’继续前进。因此,它’你不重要’t place everything 您 make on 您r 声云 account.


错误6:上传半熟,‘work in progress’ tracks.

When considering an upload, think of it 喜欢 this: Is this ready for release?  Do I consider this a finished track?  If so, then go for it, put it up.

那里 will also be people that argue that they 喜欢 placing ‘work in progress’ tracks on their profiles, and that 声云 is the platform on which they feel free enough to do this and get some 生活 feedback from their friends and fans.  To that, I argue that the majority of the biggest acts out there don’t do it, and that the benefit of getting that 生活 feedback will be far less than that of giving a great impression off the bat.



您r music should be instantly findable, based on the track title, 您r artist name, and the keywords and genres associated with it.  那’s 为什么 it’s important that 您 label everything correctly.  With the new 声云 update, the platform now suggests that adding 您r artist name in a track upload is no longer essential.  I say that’s wrong.


对于曲目标题,请遵循以下格式:“Artistname –曲目标题(混合类型)”

Mistake #8: Forgetting to Identify 您r Genre

在体裁方面,始终确保将正确的体裁放在第一位‘Keyword’跟踪。您想要这样做,因为Soundcloud具有探索功能,可以对所有‘trending’特定类型的曲目。声云’定义类型的唯一方法是通过关键字,第一个是’嵌入在播放器中,通常是最有价值的决定。或者,平台’的搜索功能也会浏览关键字,因此如果您搜索‘electro’, it’将查找在其标题,关键字和最后的描述中嵌入了该单词的曲目。

其他重要的关键字包括原始艺术家,相关艺术家,唱片公司以及您可能所在的地方’来自您,或与您结识’ve played.

Apply a filter on 什么 您 upload, and when 您 do decide to put something up, make it easily findable and recognizable.



Apart from the music, the most essential element of 声云 is its community aspect.  If 您 manage to maintain and interact with 这些properly, 您’能够建立成长的社区,建立新的关系并培养真正的粉丝。

那里’s a few basic rules of 进行 that would serve every artist on 声云 well to adhere to.

Mistake #9: Not using 您r 声云 account!

This is the most common mistake I see artists make on 声云.  The majority of them use the platform daily, but don’t bother to log into their own account, and 喜欢 and interact with the stuff they 喜欢.

An engaged and 生活ly account is much more 喜欢ly to foster a community.  And it will also force 您 to get a true feel of the intricacies of the platform.

So, every time 您 use it, log in, 喜欢 the tracks 您 love, and keep it buzzing.



“Great track! If 您 喜欢 this, I just made a new EP. Check it out!”

Never EVER be 那个家伙!

Mistake #11: Not adding value in 您r comments.

当您评论别人的足迹时(顺便说一下,…与您真正欣赏的东西和艺术家互动),请确保增加价值。一个简单的‘Nice’ 要么 ‘Great drop’ works, but doesn’拥有与实际提供一些复杂反馈一样多的价值。唐’t be hesitant to be critical either.  Usually, the more honest and critical feedback is more 喜欢ly to get a dialogue started.



Mistake #12: Not replying to all 声云 comments

This is one of the most overlooked, yet most powerful ways to harness the community aspect of 声云.Reply to EVERY comment someone makes on one of 您r tracks.  It’到目前为止,这是使人们回到您的个人资料的最佳方法,他们’ll 喜欢ly proceed beyond that (by checking 您r website 要么 other social-media platforms), because it shows of genuine interest.



货真价实‘thank 您’ works, but prevent 您rself from typing the same ‘thank 您’对众多评论的回应。个性化的东西。


These are essential basics that 您 should integrate in the way 您 work with 声云.  Implement 这些consistently, and 您 will see cumulative results coming through in 您r fan base growth and engagement. 您 might even make some actual friends.

My experience using 这些tricks has been absolutely great.  And I can truly say that I have fallen in love with the platform.  It’这是帮助人们联系的好方法。如果使用得当,它确实可以为新晋音乐家做出贡献’s growth.

Now before I continue and tell 您 literally everything 关于 声云 that I know, I need to stop.


您’re in luck though… because there’还有很多,而我’ve written it down.  My first 书, The 声云 Bible, is launching today (November 19th).  您 can grab a copy 这里, and make sure to sign up to my  newsletter for more 内容 喜欢 this.



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      他只是说“never be 那个家伙” and 您 did exactly 什么 he said not to do

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      如今,仅需9美元,您就可以轻松获得100,000个scl播放和200个soundcloud关注者,这真让人难以置信,但是您可以在此处自行检查该价格便宜的方法(d o t)c o m

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      嘿男人很酷的评论,我刚刚发布上传了新歌,它在soundcloud / zilim上签出来了!

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      This o.k not bad. If 您 喜欢 rap/hip hop R&b和电影乐器
      查找Solar Entertainment。您会看到紫空白徽标。爱你们,希望每个人都在追求自己的梦想。或Google Solar ent音乐。后来你们的作品胜过了

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      要么iginality. study facts. not sure if the author is really trying to help. who knows. have faith and make 您r life 您r way

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    EW声云la脚’s got no real musicians 喜欢 贾斯汀 b 要么 Selma G.

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      主要内容“book” (where nowhere is explained it is a ebook 要么 hard cover) is 关于 the same information 您 can find in

      text in product site packed in jpegs is even not a good practise, it just blocks search engines from recognizing 您r real informations.

      putting email accounts information direct in a social profile is 喜欢 inviting spamers to tell 您 spam and is even 喜欢 to tell 您r visitors that 您 want to make a big impression but most of 您r work is 关于 spam filtering and muting accounts in soundcloud.

      Well i should write a track 关于 that kind of marketing “guru’s”谁曾经告诉过我们如何做。

      if 您 want to know more critics, write me in

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      一切都很好,但一切都没有’t say 怎么样 您’首先应该让人们查看您的个人资料,这是人们首先需要的& foremost before worrying 关于 details.

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    Great 忠告, especially 关于 adding where 您’re from

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    坦白说,我不’t particularly care 怎么样 I should be using 声云. I’我更感兴趣 为什么 我应该使用它。自然,作者实际上没有’除了一些不被支持的断言之外,不要理会它的合理性。一世’d 喜欢 to see some figures, thank 您 very much.

    我了解这本书已经出版,需要推广,但是…真?我可以毫不费力地编写过去几年中的许多此类文章。只是替代“Facebook” 要么 “Twitter” 要么 什么ever for “Soundcloud”。在许多情况下,整个运动可能是对时间的巨大浪费(与您可能在推广音乐方面所做的其他事情相比),这种想法似乎根本没有被考虑过。

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      N“ Troller” P

      搭载Faza’s point….I’ve noticed a trend in artists opting for Bandcamp over 声云. Has there been any comparative research performed on the benefits, flaws, etc.? What are other 成功ful tools/platforms are artists using to promote their music?

      Also, 喜欢 “DUDE” pointed out – is 声云 the preferred platform for trolling new music 要么 is there a better one –不包括博客?我喜欢拖钓-

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    Obviously the author 喜欢 a good deal of people who want to use 声云 to promote themselves to become big stars is using this 文章 to promote their 书 and probably has not spent a good deal of time actually engaging with the community on 声云. Some of the points I agree have substance, 怎么样ever 声云 is now not the same community it was 3/4 years ago and it is really not a platform to build a following with as it used to be, but another example of a My Space in waiting with large developers and record companies paying big bucks to promote their artists. With this in mind I cannot help thinking that the author is 关于 3 years too late highlighting 这些points!!!

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      是的,那’是的,他们将其外观从社区平台更改为有点像流媒体博客。我仍然使用经典样式版本,但是此版本会不断减少功能(搜索,通知等)。他们敦促社区更改为花哨的版本。它最终将变得无关紧要,但与往常一样,还有其他平台可供使用。很难过,但是那’s life.

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      只是一个注意事项– one example is Lorde. 您 know her right? 大声笑
      无论如何,在2012年末,她完全不了解她的足迹“Love Club” EP were posted on 声云 (also as free downloads). Through 声云 her music spread 喜欢 wildfire to become 什么 she is now, only a few short months later.
      截至今日‘Royals’ alone on her 声云 feed has had over ten million plays.
      去搞清楚 –尽管事实上她背后有一些重要的唱片公司支持,但Souncloud平台主要是人们发现她的音乐的通道。

      In addition to this bloggers tend to 喜欢 声云 for embedding music into their blogs –这增加了滚雪球的效果,而且非常容易做到。

      Whilst 99% of the artists on 声云 will never get the 成功 of Lorde there are plenty of others who have been ‘discovered’并在平台上留下自己的印记。

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        Lorde赚了10,000,000部剧集,赚了多少“Royals” on SoundCloud?

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          Hey 好奇, 怎么样 much 您 make of zero plays? Or, maybe the 1000 plays got 您 a record deal? Just curious!

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            能够’t tell if 您 are being rhetorical 要么 not. At a minimum, please clarify which of the two points 您 are trying to make:

            1. The 10,000,000 plays on SoundCloud ARE RESPONSIBLE for the money she has made off the song 皇室 in that it drove people to buy it on iTunes, drove people to sign her to their label, etc. i.e. places 喜欢 SoundCloud and terrestrial radio shouldn’不必支付旋转歌曲的费用b / c它可以提供足够的促销价值。

            如果其排名第一,那是我的一件事’m curious 关于 is 为什么 she would leave the song up on SC now that people are willing to pay for it on retail sites. Seems to contradict the foundations of the “windowing” strategy we hear so much 关于. Would love to hear anyone chime in on that.

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            First of all, where in the 文章 did it imply that the purpose of creating art is to make money. What percentage of artists make good money, and 什么 percentage of artists care much 关于 that?


            如果你可以的话’无法理解将您的艺术传播给大量关心它的人的好处,从而增加您的潜力(如果我们’假装制作音乐的目标是尽可能多地赚钱)带来收入,我不’t know 什么 to tell 您, other than maybe learn 关于 the benefits of publicity. 那里 are reasons that agents are hired to get someone’的名字。 声云 +互联网是免费的廉价代理商,谁让您的名字出来。它’这里真的很简单。

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        洛尔德已经‘in development’ with Universal since the age of 12. Work it out 您rself.

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    Voogt的文章有其优点。我同意可能有点‘old fashioned’ in some respects but I wonder if we can consider 声云 users that aren’一分钟的刻板印象。

    经常‘advice’ 文章s 关于 声云 focus on artist that are looking to further their 事业s, build audiences, sell music etc etc. These are all the traditional music ‘industry’符合数字音乐平台的流行语和流程。
    How 关于 the artists that use 声云 simply to showcase their music, interact with other artists ie. collaborations, remixes etc without any purpose other than they enjoy doing so.
    似乎每个人都应该遵守某种‘career’或通过音乐获利的最终结果– gathering as many 喜欢s, comments, friends and social networks as possible. 那’s not actually the point for a lot of 声云 users (like me).
    I post music I make. I post music I make that is a 工作正在进行中. I post unfinished work that will never be finished. I post all types of stuff. It’s my choice and 声云 allows for that. I enjoy listening to people who do the same thing. I might get five 喜欢s on a sound but so 什么? I could buy 50,000 喜欢s on a song if I wanted. But 为什么 would I? I’我不是在无休止的任务中寻找粉丝,唱片交易或其他任何东西。

    我什么’我说的是我们不’t have to tarnish 声云 users with the same brush of being ‘career artists’ who use the platform as a way in to the music 行业. Some of us just want to share our 要么iginal music and nothing more.

    坦率地说,拥有自己的网站来托管音乐以获得‘real engagement’我觉得这是一个很奇怪的说法。个人网站除其他功能外都很好,但通常它们与最终用户的交互性为零。如果您仅限于此’d处于数字隔离状态。

    I’m liking 声云 more than ever. By following the right people for me I am discovering so much great music and talent that 您 would never come across on blogs, magazines, iTunes, Spotify 要么 radio. This includes users who are artists and users who simply discover and share great tunes. The latter to me are 喜欢 proper A&R guys –他们对好东西有真正的感觉,似乎能够在庞大的Soundcloud用户中找到它。

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      杰西·霍斯(Jesse Hose)

      Well said. I recently joined 声云 as an easy way to share my music with friends and family. Not expecting to get rich off my music, I just enjoy making it and am glad to have a place to share it.

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    Just a quick note: when 您 actually type in a genre, this is atuomatically added to the tag list. 您 don’不必指定两次。

  10. 头像

    有人真的会拖曳soundcloud寻找新东西吗?我唯一去过的地方是当我从其他地方获得链接,或者有人将链接嵌入到另一个站点中时— its a great file hosting service no doubt but I dunno 关于 its merits as a method of discovering music

    • 头像

      我用它来托管并嵌入我的网站。这样,我的网站不会’不会花费一整天的时间(我使用YouTube托管和嵌入视频)。我无意间吸引了一些追随者。他们中的一些人似乎真的很感兴趣,并积极寻找音乐。我认为30位奇异游民中可能有1位或2位发布了这一谚语“不错的路!跟着我!” comment.

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    声云是加载您的东西并指导您的好地方‘costumers’对此。链接很棒,通常在没有太多问题的情况下仍能正常工作。一世’m位于安哥拉,有时甚至很难在这里得到良好的信号,没问题。它’我很清楚,Soundcloud将很难‘live’相互作用。叫我疯了,但我发现界面有些怪异。 Eitheirway,我尊重它’是我装载材料的第一位。十分简单。
    PS: 乔 nh nad Paul, the embeded comment is definitely worth talking 关于…

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    埃里克·波彻(Eric Porcher)

    Great 文章. One thing I would add, from the perspective of a heavy user on the listener side, is to properly tag the music tracks themselves. When I download tracks from 声云 and open them in my iTunes library it’寻找已经完成Artist标签的作品是一种享受。但是我发现’s pretty rare with 声云 musicians.

  14. 头像

    It would help interaction if the 声云 App would allow to reply on feed one got on a track. No such option on the app level yet. Thanks for 您r feed, will keep the hands-on info in mind 😉 greetz 声母

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    唯一的一个是云杀手’s free

    这里’s a link that’ll get 您 a few bonuses to start 您 out

    您’保证以这种方式获得评论,实际上有可能接触真正的关注者,’ll come back and listen more if 您’re good…

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    感谢您撰写本文Paul!错误#2和#8对我无疑是个新闻。我非常担心新SC的局限性以及某些旧功能的逐步淘汰。上传了超过1,000首曲目(是的,我知道…错误#5!),至少可以说,新SC上缺少您自己曲目的搜索功能。和我’ve given up on getting any help (or even honest answers) from SoundCloud support. So I do hope that 您 continue to share more of 这些helpful 文章s with us.

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      Trystan, 您 may find my comment down below helpful.. it may shed some light on something thats been under 您r nose the whole time

  18. 头像

    这篇文章和评论使阅读有趣。一世’我正在建立网站来播放音乐,而我’建议使用声音云托管文件或其他内容。我山’不要说站点的名称,以免我犯下有史以来最严重的犯罪。但是,它没有’实际上,有时候我对别人建议他们应该听你的话对我来说似乎很糟糕。显然我’当人们在尽可能多的轨道上进行垃圾邮件追踪时,我不赞成使用垃圾邮件。但是如果你真的感觉到你’音乐会吸引其他人,并且您的心态相似,我不’看不到要求他们检查您的曲目的危害。毕竟是’每个人都在尝试做什么?传播他们的音乐?在这里阅读了所有评论后,我百感交集。我可以看到如何将声云用作主机使它变得简单。你不’不需要拥有自己的媒体播放器等。另一方面,它是以前的力量吗?确实,曾经吗?大声笑。我绝对同意你不应该’如果你那里东西太多’实际上是试图让人们购买您的东西。毕竟,如果整张专辑都在那儿,谁需要花钱购买呢?也就是说,我相信您可以在Spottify上收听完整专辑而无需付费。当然,您可以在YouTube上找到整本值得一看的专辑。尽管他们通常是已经卖出很多专辑的人,但是像被洪流泛滥的艺术家通常已经卖出了几百万张一样。有趣。如何在推动音乐和使其可访问之间权衡,或者在正确地放弃音乐之间取得平衡。在我看来,声云可能是一种潜在有用的工具,但可能与许多其他策略结合使用。哦,这篇文章的作者是否称自己为年轻人?嗯,认真吗?上帝,我希望他是讽刺的。我是说,谁这么说? --

  19. 头像

    实际上,当您的路线重新发布时,它确实会清楚显示您的姓名— 您’如果加上名字,那将会有很长的歌名’s bad for when 您 share yer song on 推特. Which is a tip that should be 这里 — share via 推特! Every single time I do that I get hits. Probably because people follow the hashtag #SoundCloud.

  20. DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS: Now 您 Know Everything About Music Publishing… | RIDDIM DON MAGAZINE

    […] check my 书, The 声云 Bible.  Or, check out my 声云 guide on 数字音乐新闻, 这里.   Thanks, […]

    • 头像

      i hate to be 那个家伙, but ill check 您rs out. //
      人们检查我的音乐,我保证这是我唯一的机会“that guy” 大声笑.

  21. 头像

    好吧,这里没有提到的一件事是,如果您在一段时间内关注过多的人,soundcloud喜欢限制您关注的人的数量。“spamming”,女巫是胡扯。他们只是希望您为他们的服务付费。事实是,如果您想提高自己的演奏,喜欢和评论,您所要做的只是击中跟随跟随跟随跟随跟随等..这听起来有些荒谬,但是它’不是。它会把您的名字放在那儿,人们会看到您的关注,并且其中很大一部分人会听您的曲目,然后喜欢您课程的人会点击“like”按钮,并留下评论。有用…. but see it goes both ways, cuz when someone 喜欢s 您r stuff, 您 then go and check out theres, and if 您 喜欢 it, 您ll let them know just as they did for 您, ive found some great musicians that way.. so its not just a “me” “me” “me” type of additude 喜欢 some people might also 喜欢 to mention iv’到目前为止,e有两个与不同的作曲家合作的提议。.Soundcloud认为这种技术是“unfair”对社区..但是我感觉到’很明显,他们只是想通过为您可以轻松实现的事情提供服务来从您身上赚钱。

    • 头像

      yeah please disregard this message 大声笑.. i feel 喜欢 an idiot for writing this, ive had more time to figure out 怎么样 soundcloud works, and i see 怎么样 overfollowing is indeed 垃圾邮件.. if the person who made this site could please take the post down that would be great, thanks

  22. 头像

    感谢您的提示。这里’是我的Soundcloud链接(不是我的)’m trying to help promote. It got 600 legitimate views in less than a week, mostly through Reddit, 脸书 and 推特 (in that 要么der). But only one comment? I wish more people would comment. What genre do 您 think this is? How does it make 您 feel? Would 您 go see this music 生活? Any questions 关于 怎么样 it was created? Please comment!


    • 头像
      金·斯特纳纳布·凯撒(Kim Stennabb Caesar)

      First thought, maybe add some of 这些questions in the description? 那里’关于如何创建或激发创作者的信息并不多。

  23. 头像

    感谢您的提示。这里’是我的Soundcloud链接(不是我的)’m trying to help promote. It got 600 legitimate views in less than a week, mostly through Reddit, 脸书 and 推特 (in that 要么der). But only one comment? I wish more people would comment. What genre do 您 think this is? How does it make 您 feel? Would 您 go see this music 生活? Any questions 关于 怎么样 it was created? Please comment!


  24. 头像

    如果一个艺术家真的是一个艺术家– he/ she will not give a f*** 关于 soundcloud, let alone it’s rules.

  25. 头像


  26. 头像
    埃索尔·埃塞克(Esol Esek)

    What this 文章 achieved is mostly making me think 声云 blows now. It sounds 喜欢 it’s mostly 喜欢 Reverbnation, where the more activity 您 engage in, the higher 您r chart standing is, regardless of whether anyone is actually liking 要么 even listening to 您r music.


    1.payola by wannabes who think they can buy their way into 行业 (if 您’重新进行此操作,也许您应该只购买收音机或分销商或购买更好的PA),

    2.基于点击和观看的广告,与其他无关。 Google骗取了一部分广告费用。

    I’一位音乐家,但即使是听众,我也想知道一首歌很特别,其他人也同意我的看法’即使我为自己的决定感到骄傲也很棒。购买了它的音乐’即使到达顶部,也很难怀疑’s good, and it’通常不会超出原汁原味的范围。

    喜欢 I said, thanks for this 文章. I posted on 声云 in the past, then was out for a while. Now coming back in, it just sounds 喜欢 a waste of time again. It’令人惊讶的是,还有多少收音机似乎仍然具有很大的吸引力。当然,Youtube也是如此,尽管他们在去年也淹没了他们的社区。

  27. 头像

    本文是在您使用音乐致富的假设下撰写的& famous. i’m sure it’适用于那些具有这种行为的类型,但对于“hobbyists”(阅读:真正的艺术家),其满足感来自创造的行为,而不是社会的认可,这是一种相当精明的阅读。无论如何,建议是样板–如果您要发表大量评论和意见,请四处发布关于其他人的评论和意见’ sites.

    我不’但是,我认为作者没有意识到他的文章的语气不会很好地卖这本书。他的语气是“okay, I’m the expert, and I’我在这里告诉你该怎么做!”当你真的不合适’re talking 关于 a MANAGER advising ARTISTS. 要么 anyway, no artist with a shred of self-worth will buy this guy’s 书…。反正没有常识的人也不需要。

    这些“big mistakes”这家伙目击者并没有他想的那么错误,我’m willing to bet…. more 喜欢, some people don’不在乎他们的音乐是否流行… some people are just happy to play. 这些people probably don’没有使他们的soundcloud帐户精通关键字的本能,但这没有’t mean they’缺少它。因为什么时候一个人’的soundcloud如何确定您作为音乐家的价值?我很确定你是否’不愿意跟进一位艺术家,因为与他们的Facebook的链接不容易获得,就在您的脸蛋前,您当时’一开始真的很感兴趣。

    基本上,这篇文章有点“操作数据集的方法,使您的乐队看起来更大!”这篇文章有点“marketing!”这篇文章有点society’没什么意义的小游戏,试图暗示自己进入最后的独立遗迹& the human soul, 喜欢 a virus which, instead of infecting, commoditizes.

    如果他认为这本书会卖的话,这个家伙似乎认为人们很愚蠢。也许会–总是有不幸的非音乐家,因为他们的避风港而试图冒充音乐家’t realized yet it’不是他们的召唤(这些是长大后成为赢得胜利的父亲的类型’买他们的十几岁的儿子一把电吉他,因为“我也曾经做过那个梦,莱姆警告你,现在’s stupid”), and 这些types will always need some 大师 to pay to explain 为什么 they don’听音乐自然。也许吧’营销!肯定是!是的

    我花了一些时间当街头艺人,并以这种方式结束演出。零他妈的营销。我从街上坐下来就被邀请做工作室伴奏。所以不要’t think I’我只是在这里说我的屁股。本文是整个“公牛世界”的一个例子,它不仅困扰着艺术,而且困扰着整个生命,试图对它所做的事情施加某种脆弱的秩序感’t understand.

    I’我肯定这家伙以为他’通过了解soundcloud完成了一些工作。坦率地说,我认为’s kind of hilarious that it took him this much experience to extrapolate 这些precious tidbits of 忠告. it basically amounts to “填写所有表格,如果您希望人们能够通过搜索关键字找到您,请使用关键字,” etc.

    i think the only mistake 这里 is this guy trying to give artists any kind of 忠告.

    • 头像

      乔 hn, 您 almost made me cry.



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  29. 头像

    I do use soundcloud and I think it is a great tool and revolutionary concept of sharing music but I also think the best way to promote my music is by placing it in every store and streaming service possible. Being out there and being everywhere was the way to go for me and my band. This way we got many new fans who would never heard 关于 us and our music. I’m使用此音乐发行服务Cosmo Distribution,该服务更多地用作唱片公司。他们帮助了我们很多时间。

  30. 头像

    Good Article For Us 声云 Users 您 Keep This Up A Good Way Too Guide Us 您ng Artist Musicians &歌曲作者看我的页面@ 100大斯坦 Hip Hop Rnb类型,但音乐适合所有人

  31. 头像

    I disagree with #6 for the most part. I follow a number of indie artists 要么 业余爱好者 that make amazing music in their own time, and knowing 什么 the good stuff is already, it’总是有见识的人会听到一些未打磨的东西或最终产品的原始演示。一个很好的例子是Cloudkicker。他的一些吉他结点和抛弃式音轨 一样好,或深入了解特定歌曲的最终重复效果。有时候,当他无所事事时,来自两首不同歌曲的两段即兴重复出现在同一首曲目中。也许那个’不是每个人都喜欢的东西,但至少可以将它们与主要材料分开。我希望SoundCloud无论如何都能做到。我不’t 喜欢 going to Tycho’的页面中,连续看到一堆随机曲目,一些混音和一些主要发行曲目。我想要一些简化的东西。

  32. Why Should I buy 声云 Plays?

    […]人们应该获得音云游戏,以远距离促进他们的音乐事业。像声云这样的大型在线音乐平台而闻名,这确实是最好的选择,它肯定会在短期内使所有年轻和才华横溢的艺术家的音乐事业发展到一个全新的水平。因此,强烈建议全球范围内的所有音乐爱好者和艺术家关注通过单独购买来增加戏剧性以及Soundcloud的追随者。 […]

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  34. 头像

    实际上,我一直在使用Sound Cloud来寻找艺术家以进行联网(我’m a producer and recording engineer). I could give a sh*t 关于 怎么样 many followers 要么 views they have. In fact, I prefer it when others have fewer views because I find it more 喜欢ly to get responses from them. Sure, there are plenty of flaws, but I think a ton of value can be harnessed from it as well –这取决于您的目标。感谢这篇有见地的文章,因为我实际上将花费更多时间与其他艺术家发表更有意义的评论。

    Does anyone have any more 忠告? Just curious…

  35. 头像

    Nah I dont use soundcloud as much anymore because they keep restricting the access, and dont buy everything they say 关于 half baked songs, if 您 want to get 您r music out make a song.

  36. 头像

    This is really useful, just hit nearly half a million plays on my cover of Say Something, soundcloud is one of the best platforms to get 您r music heard, I write my own songs but one tip I would give people is do covers! Preferably a track that has just been released and has a lot of interest this way people get drawn to 您 profile and 您 can rack up a good audience! 喜欢 I said I did a cover and not even that happy with it but half a million plays later im a happy man!!

  37. 头像

    愚蠢的帖子。许多人发表未完成的工作和想法,’s part of 为什么 I 喜欢 soundcloud. I can hear everyone’在电台或youtube上完成的工作。您应该更努力地考虑这一点。

  38. 头像

    埃洛·查普斯(EMIL CHAPS),这是请来矿井检查的一个美丽的文章。

  39. 头像

    Everyone check out Free 将 on 声云, Flashback (EP). I’到目前为止已经发行了两首曲目–与自由狮共舞的狮子也是我的

  40. 头像


    我认为最能引起您的支持者,真正的听众甚至朋友的东西是:去听其他歌手的表演’音乐,并留下良好的评论… and maybe even send private messages to the ones 您 really 喜欢 要么 would 喜欢 to work with. I’ve询问了几位艺术家是否可以混音,通常每10个人中有1个人给出很好的回应。


  41. 头像

    Well I use to get free followers from , but for some reason that site just completely shut down. 那 site had gotten me almost 2000 real followers, but it just jumped ship one day. We need another site 喜欢 that so we can all just follow each other back and forth. 那 was 怎么样 I was doing so good on 声云 for the longest time.

  42. 头像

    Check this out if 您 want to head-bang!!

    [soundcloud url=”//″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

  43. 头像

    哈哈,真是寄生虫。是的,每个人都使音乐成为“the 行业” and hit the big time 喜欢 this deluded douchebag. Fuck off and stay away from art 您 megalomaniac patronising asshole, 您’与创造性思维相对立。鼓励完全顺从的平庸。

  44. 头像

    能够 您 cite at least one artist (but preferably more) that has actually ‘为自己取名’ using 声云 as a platform to breakthrough?
    I’ve been a professional touring independent musician for years, and I 喜欢 the usability of 声云, but I don’t see it as a genuinely viable platform for musicians to create any sustainable 事业 from, with the exception of perhaps a few specific genres such 电的nic music producers and DJ’s…

  45. 头像

    This 文章 in one word: Now 您 have no life. 您r life is 声云. Long life to the music!! Long life to netlabels!! F**k neoliberalism!! 😛

  46. 头像

    我的问题是评论,“特别是15-25岁的孩子”。亲爱的主!!!我不关心15至25岁!是的,由于甲壳虫乐队,我知道主要唱片公司竭尽全力放弃所有其他唱片公司,自那时以来,全世界一直在尝试看看他们如何与儿童观众一起创造另一个唱片公司…。但是他们很愚蠢,因为孩子们没有钱。孩子们的技术更聪明,孩子们会剥夺您的产品。 Nabster诞生了,音乐的质量也随之而来。
    而且Soundcloud完全没有R&B民谣。所有其他白色流派都有很多故障。但是黑人艺术家?如果您不玩房子,说唱或步进(基于芝加哥的格式),则没有观众。但是每个人都知道&b和情歌从一开始就并驾齐驱。这遵循无线电格式。他们有很棒的爱情歌曲频道…但他们的意思是白人。黑色情歌?忘掉它。还是经典灵魂?永不失败,它总是必须包含新音乐。白人观众可以享受纯粹的古典音乐,而Im只讲1960年代及之后的歌曲,或者古典摇滚,乡村,爵士等。但是黑人呢?我们被迫不得不听新的teenie bop音乐,即使在“dusty”渠道。我是否曾说过,广播电台的黑色电台总是在星期日转福音?假设每个人都想听到?
    So 声云 is pretty much behaving 喜欢 the brainwashed public has experienced.
    So…我有一个非常不错的慢速果酱。我应该放在哪一组?哦,有人说….HOUSE, RAP, R&B. CLub,配音步骤。让我在其中加入90%的说唱职位。

  47. 头像

    作为制作人,我弹低音,键,首席吉他,打击乐器,并做歌声。 (我讨厌单词轨道)。
    因此,与使用DAW程序播放所有音乐的歌曲创作者相比,我们所有音乐的制作质量都更高。除了包括自己和首席歌手,键盘手兼制作人Tony Pickett的Khan Flo Mah之外,我还创建了一个名为“The Disco Hevvies”。我的问题是Wav格式。我以wave上传,但显然soundcloud压缩了。我只是想知道人们在使用Soundcloud时正在听什么。耳机或电脑扬声器?这些确实是我认为应该担心的仅有的两个应用程序。很少有人在立体声系统上演奏。但是,许多人正在使用汽车和手机蓝牙选项。

    因为类型很冷但是房子…I wonder do the people that listen to those two formats even care 关于 ever downloading such songs. Do they actually just listen to long mixes and disregard individual songs that are house/disco 要么 chill? Is the objective in those two formats, to get onto Dj long mixes and schmooze them?

    Lastly, if 您re on tunecore, doesnt soundcloud have to pay mechanical rights to retain the ability to be in business, and therefore 您re getting paid by streams via tunecore? Maybe the point is, to get as many people to spin 您r song as possible at this point. And who cares 关于 buying it.

  48. 头像


  49. 头像

    SoundCloud最大的错误是首先从SoundCloud开始。与所有社交媒体一样,这是浪费时间。您花费数小时的网络时间和/或听音乐只是为了吸引少量听众。这就是原则。它’s 喜欢 selling tomatoes to a tomato salesman and right after he sells 您 his back. 那里 is no point. The platforms algorithm itself probably only generates traffic payola wise 要么 for those who are already famous. They use SoundCloud as a tool and rather than the tool doing something for them they actually do for the tool. Again, no point.


    您 want traffic? Drag 您 sorry ass on stage and perform!

  50. 头像


  51. 头像

    Nothing quite 喜欢 necro posting on a 3 year old 文章. Oh well.

    我什么 think most people fail to understand in this 文章, is that soundcloud is one tool that is part of a bigger promotional scheme. I had not used SC up until two months ago (i had a couple of songs loaded, mostly as space savers and to make sure my name was protected) I have 关于 700 followers, a decent amount of plays, and have generated income for a couple of songs due to using SC for one thing – promotion.

    有两种方法可以查看您的业余爱好或音乐生涯 –首先是促销,然后是收入保护。没有前者就不会发生后者。 SC是一个很好的推广平台,但是’在繁忙的合唱团中只有一个声音。

    If 您 only use it as 您r sole means of promotion, 您 are missing the bigger picture.

  52. Top Tips on How to Promote 您r Music with SoundCloud | Keyboards, Guitars, Amps & Recording Gear

    […] Biggest Mistakes Artists Make on 声云 […]

  53. 头像

    If 您 want to download all SoundClick music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, WMA, etc,you may try use Allavsoft.

  54. 头像

    女人,谁’真正了解风格,知道现代意味着一直舒适。风格的发展来来去去,但是在您余生中,剩下的就是您健康的体格和思想。当然,时尚和最新的发展很重要,但舒适性几乎没有什么额外的重要性。长时间穿或穿不舒服的鞋子的女孩都知道随之而来的痛苦。脚和腿疼痛是微不足道的不适,在某些情况下,会因痛苦而导致严重的腿部意外‘shoe accidents’。由于这个事实,可能最可接受的因素可能是说预防胜于治疗。阻止脚趾酸痛的最好方法是女性平底鞋。某些变化的人字拖在阿联酋很像女凉鞋。|通常,一个奇怪的顾客不得不牺牲对品牌的热爱,因为它’太好用了。但是,每个电子零售零售商在阿联酋提供所有品牌凉鞋的诱人折扣。您’可以花些时间检查商品并在购买时做出更好的决定。一些在线商店甚至在您家门口释放的产品都没有价值。

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